Proven SEO Success

Proven SEO Success

Achieve Top Search Engine Ranking

There are many voices on the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some tell you that there are secrets and insider’s tips you must learn in order be found in Google. Our experience has shown that it's more discipline and common sense than mystery, and we have a growing list of successful customers to prove it. 

Get the DETAILS on terms & pages that rank for YOUR site

Contact us and ask for a personalized SEO Terms report, which we'll craft and send to you, at no charge, within 1 working day of your request. This is a report specific to YOUR site, and it will show you all the pages of your site that rank within the first 10 results pages of Google. For some companies, this report will show dozens, even hundreds of key terms and pages you didn't even know ranked in search. This information can change how you see your site and its content. It can make a real difference in lead generation and sales for your business. 

Why is it free? Is there a catch?

No catch. We offer it as a friendly way to introduce ourselves and our unique, effective approach to SEO. We hope you'll give it a try, and learn some things you may not have known about your site's search engine performance.

Meanwhile, feel free to confirm a few top SEO examples:

Below are some examples and a few quick examples you may test for yourself to confirm our customers' experiences with site ranking.

  • - Star SU is the go-to-market cooperative partnership of Star Cutter Company of Farmington Hills, MI, and SU America, Inc., the US sales and manufacturing unit to Samputensili, S.p.A.  
    NetCrafters has worked with Star SU, Star Cutter, and HB Carbide in various service capacities since 2002, and our most recent work has produced exceptional SEO for all three websites. The search term: Gear Cutting Tools is just one of dozens that rank on Google Page 1 for Star SU and Star Cutter. 

  • - This customer site was recently migrated to a European design and platform at the direction of their parent company, but we've been supporting United Grinding's web and SEO efforts since 2003. Over that time their site has grown to be one of the top ranked grinding sites in the world, appearing in the top 10 at Google for more than 100 terms, including Cylindrical Grinding, Profile Grinding, CNC Grinding Machine and CNC Tool Grinding. Our current work for them is helping maintain and grow their SEO within that new corporate sponsored design and CMS.  
  • - Castrucci Chevrolet in Cincinnati, Ohio sells more conversion vans than almost any dealer in the USA. Part of their success has been this web site, which comes up in the top 1-5 results in the world for key search terms, including simply: conversion van, in a very competitive market. This site consistently ranks in Google's first 20 results for more than 500 popular terms, includng variations on searches for brands, new and used, luxury and conversion vans, popular van features and regional / location-focused searches. 

From the start, we organize your site to include focused and relevant URL's, Meta-Titles, Page Titles with the H1 tag, and strong meta-descriptions that accurately describe the page contents to gain maximum SEO rankings.

Achieving strong organic SEO is a satisfying goal for many of our customers. We also offer PPC campaigns using Google Adwords. NetCrafters can handle the whole process for you, including keyword strategies, ad development, campaign creation / management and monthly analysis & reporting.

Call or email us anytime. We look forward to meeting with you and learning about your work.