Email Marketing Tools

Easier, Trackable Email Newsletters 

Send out custom designed email newsletters delivered directly to your target market. We design the stationery for you to make sure it looks just like your web site and creates instant recognition! Email marketing can be used to build loyalty with customers, remind people of upcoming events, and keep employees informed of company goings-on.  Whatever your message, you can use CONNECT to make sure your message is delivered to your audience.


Benefits of CONNECTCONNECT Email Marketing from NetCrafters - Cincinnati, Ohio Web Design and Development

  • Real time response tracking - see who opened your email, which links they clicked on, and if they forwarded your newsletter to a friend.
  • CONNECT increases deliverability by generating a plain- text version of your HTML email, and includes a link for the recipient to view the email online.
  • Send targeted emails to specific groups in your mailing list (such as everyone in a particular zip code, or all women, or everyone who signed up in the last week, or any other criteria you use to sort your database).
  • Emails may be personally addressed to the recipient, Either way, there are no more "Undisclosed Recipients" or other such message methods that look like spam.
  • The "Send Later" setting allows you to schedule a campaign to be mailed out at a later date, so you can create a month's worth of email campaigns today, and schedule them to be sent out over the course of the next few weeks.
  • CONNECT automatically handles all bounces, opt-outs, and duplicate email addresses.
  • Signup for the newsletters can be integrated right into your current Contact Form.
  • No knowledge of HTML is needed. Choose from a variety of page layouts within your custom designed stationery.
  • It's easy to start with expert set-up, which includes design to match your site, creation of your own private account and login, assistance with list importing and with your first mailing, so you'll start with success and professional results.
  • No long-term commitment and no minimum monthly costs. You're billed monthly for the number of email messages you sent the previous month, based on the number of messages sent.
  • You have help from real people, when you need it. We can help with importing lists, improving the look and message, creating additional stationery when you need it, with just a call or email to our office.