Expert Web Hosting

When we started our business, we thought we'd focus on design and programming and leave hosting to others. It wasn't long before we found our customers trusted us to know everything about their sites, even the parts over which we had no control, such as their web host, the server security, uptime, server speed and other needs.  

We learned the best way to ensure the successful and continuous operation of customer sites was to be as expert at the hosting of the sites as we were in the development. By doing that, we could be sure the foundation on which everything operates is solid, secure and instantly accessible to our staff, in the event of any problem, code glitch, server upgrade needs or network outage. 

Integrating Web hosting with custom development and support

NetCrafters is an expert provider of services on the Amazon platformWe began providing integrated development and hosting in 1996 and have continuously improved a robust, secure and dependable environment on which hundreds of sites operate with continuous monitoring, back-up and expert support by staff who know not only the server technology, but who are also personally familiar with the customers, sites and features of every hosted domain. The effectiveness with which we can respond to any need is made possible by the integral service approach we take, and the relationships we build with our customers, so that they can focus on content, communication and marketing, instead of on the supporting technology. 

Starting at $30 per month for most sites, with rates and plans for all kinds of sites, based on complexity, size, traffic and server load, our hosting services operate in Amazon's redundant, multi-point server environment, providing the highest possible uptime, liberal bandwidth and unmatched server and page load speed.  In order to assure the success of the sites and interactive features we create for and with our customers, we control the quality of the hosting environment, so that it will be in sync with everything from new versions of web browsers to changes in web security, email marketing techniques, spam compliance and other programming.

Flexible, fast, dependable (and low cost) bandwith

Because of the infrastructure and expertise we’ve developed, we are able to balance traffic demands and changing needs for hundreds of sites, some of which have throughput traffic above 50 gigabytes every month. According to most resources, 90% of websites have less than 2 gigabytes in traffic each month. The majority of our customers’ sites use less than 5GB of bandwidth per month, but those who use far more don’t have to pay a lot more for their success, because the system we’ve built over many years is backed by the most advanced and redundant cloud based servers in the world. We are happy and proud to be trusted with providing 99.99999% uptime, affordable integrated hosting for our customers, many of whom have worked with us for over a decade.