Content Management

CMS, or content management software, also known as WCM (web content management) wasn't even a defined term when we started creating site editing tools in 1995, but we knew from the start that it would be important for customers to be able to manage their own site content. That's why we developed tools to do just that, and built our business on helping customers manage their messages.

We serve customers who want to:

  • Be able to update web pages frequently
  • Manage daily updates in-house, without the need for programming
  • Do so without a lot of training, that staff turnover doesn't lead to an out of date site
  • Focus on marketing and message instead of page design and layout
  • Work with a trusted partner who will take care of the hosting and site security
  • Have an expert available for assistance and insight regarding changing technology needs and new web trends

We do advanced work for:

  • Customers with more than one website or company brand: Our multi-site management system is designed for controlling the content in multiple websites from a common, powerful, yet easily managed dashboard, so that a small team, often just one person, can take care of hundreds of web pages in addition to other responsibilities within the organization. 
  • Sites in more than one language: NC3 - Complete Content Control (TM), provides a platform for presenting and keeping up with multi-lingual web sites in the same orderly, easily managed manner, even if they are in different languages.
  • Integration of business tools and e-commerce: Partnering with design agencies, working with inventory systems, e-commerce, Active Directory, Social Media optimization, corporate databases and email marketing.

We develop web sites that perform, so you can focus on your business.