Bourn & Koch

Bourn & Koch, Inc. builds on over 100 years of machine tool experience and combines it with state-of-the-art technology, creating the very best the machine tool industry has to offer, from brand new CNC machine tools to OEM replacement parts, and factory-trained field service technicians to help install them both.

Since their 2013 complete site redesign, has ranked for over a hundred excellent organic search terms in the top 20 results of Google, including: 

  • machine tool repair
  • gear shaper
  • gear hobbing
  • hobbing machine
  • machine tool builders
  • machine tool rebuild

And a number of other machine processes and brand names. 

Their 2016 visual redesign and reorganization gives the site a look and structure to match the company's focus on not only their thriving OEM repair and parts business, but also on new and custom-built machine tools.


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