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Building a foundation for Complete Content Control

A professional, successful web site requires a solid foundation and expert features, including up to date designs, current coding technologies, browser compatibility, ease of use and interactivity that invites and facilitates visitor engagement. Here's a list of key features for content management and interactivity, which we build into every professional website.

  • Build Pages & Menus

    Build Pages & Menus

    Easy creation & management of main and sub pages, with navigation built-in, including drop down menus, sub menus & "Bread crumb" links of navigated pages, like this: Home > About Us > History

  • Complete Content Management

    Complete Content Management

    Easy control of site content, including main and sub-pages, sidebars, special calls to action, etc. Create pages with any number of content blocks designed with perfectly balanced headlines, intro text, images, etc.

  • Image & Document Management

    Image & Document Management

    Integrated Image & Document manager, with online size, crop and other simple image manipulation. Embed video on any page. Create and manage folders and sub-folders for PDFs, images and other files. 

  • Additional Visual Enhancements

    Additional Visual Enhancements

    "Slide show" header image capability on any page. A variety of page layouts for optimal positioning of your images and other content. No flash coding used to run animated slide shows on your pages.

  • Photo Galleries Anywhere

    Photo Galleries Anywhere

    Photo albums may be included in sites via a tightly integrated Google Picasa gallery engine, allowing for photo albums on any page. Manage captioned photo galleries in your site with ease, and enhance SEO, too.

  • Website Feedback Form

    Website Feedback Form

    Integrated form to collect visitor feedback. All forms send auto-replies and log messages to a database for easy access to all data, in addition to sending email to one or more internal recipients.

  • Web Analytics and Reporting

    Web Analytics and Reporting

    Analytics for tracking site visits & traffic are built into every site. In addition, we can set up goals for custom reporting, such as how many form submissions you received for every 100 web site visitors.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    We design every site to be easily optimized for SEO. The key to success is relevant, focused, in-depth content with key terms on every page. We also provide consulting & assistance for specific SEO objectives.

This is the foundation of our focus on content management. Tell us about your specific needs.

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